For me, writing poems is cathartic. It allows me to create a work of art out of something that may have been painful or hard to understand at the time. Poetry gives meaning to the inscrutable.

Oleander Ladies

Oleander Ladies The hardy oleander bush Flourishes along highways Oblivious to the exhaust Of passing automobiles Vibrantly hued flowers Bend on graceful stalks Like the long-limbed ladies That stroll along Union Avenue They glance enticingly At passing customers Who...

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Kit Fox

The following two poems I have submitted to CSUB's spring publication featuring poems on the theme of California's flora and fauna. I chose the kit fox and the oleander. Kit Fox It flickers across the field Swiftly moving As if its feet don't even touch the ground...

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Coffee Cafe Customers: The Retired Paratrooper

He sits sipping thick mushroom soup Barrel-chested with stocky legs In shorts with socks and sandals His bald pate like a shiny egg With compact stature From leaping out of planes Carrying a parachute on his back Invading Granada Attacking in Iraq “There's nothing...

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Coffee Cafe Customers: The Little Girl

She stretches and wiggles Clinging to her mother's knee Gaping at the saucer-sized cookies In the refrigerator case Her eyes are a-gog Suddenly she spies my cookie And, quick as a flash, She prances over and takes a bite Smiling at me A total stranger But keeper of...

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Coffee Cafe Customer: The College Coed

The afternoon sunlight highlights her brunette hair cascading over her brow and falling over one shoulder She absently pulls her fingers through the tangled strands as she frowns at the physics textbook before her The figures spin and intertwine like the knots in her...

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Coffee Cafe Customers: The Middle Aged Mother

She sits in the back corner of the cafe Like a well-worn fifth edition Of the Betty Crocker Cookbook Greasy paged, notes scribbled in the margins Open to the recipe for tater-tot casserole And how to stretch hamburger To feed a hungry family Only now the children are...

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