I am looking forward to attending Joan Raymond’s class in creative writing for the next four weeks, starting October 6, 2020, offered by the Levine Institute at Bakersfield College.  I hope some good work comes out of this experience!  Stay tuned…..

A Hidden Gem

A Hidden Gem Today I subbed for a 5th grade class at a small school nestled in a low-income neighborhood on the south east part of town. Stray dogs wandered the streets as I pulled into the parking lot. There were no painted murals of mascots on the gray, cement...

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How to Stop Mass Shootings

I just came across this article from Reader's Digest that describes one teacher's ingenious practice to identify and treat the lost and lonely children in her class.  After my belly-aching about teachers who don't do their job, I thought it only fitting to share this...

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