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A Kaleidoscope of Love – July 31, 2020
by Carla Joy Martin (Author)

Feeling adventurous, Carla Martin went to an Open Mic Poetry Night at a local coffee café. After she bravely read her poems to the audience, a good-looking gentleman came up to her and said. “I enjoyed your poems, would you read some of mine?” Something about the serious look in his eyes intrigued her, and she said “yes.” As she read his poems alone that night, Carla discovered a kindred soul — someone who had experienced grief like she had yet had hope for the future. She emailed him kind comments on all his poems. He emailed her back, asking for more of hers. Gradually, as they shared their poetry, they fell in love.The poems in this book, written in chronological order, follow Carla’s romantic journey through unexpected turns. Intimate and honest, Carla’s colorful words capture her emotions during this time. Feelings of excite-ment, trepidation, wonder, grief, and gratitude paint a beautiful picture — a kaleidoscope of love.