First Friday Open Mics at Dagny’s – what’s it all about?

What if I told you there was a place in Bakersfield where people met once a month to share their creative endeavors?  Would you believe there was a place for original poetry, music and art to be shared in this “cultural wasteland”?

I am happy to tell you that, yes, on First Fridays in the back room of Dagny’s Coffee Shop, 1600 20th Street, such a happy gathering exists. 

From 5:50 – 7:15 pm, about 20-30 folks sign-up on a clip board and step on stage to read their poems, sing their songs, or show their artworks.  Some folks come just to listen.  The audience is generous with their applause and a real sense of camaraderie develops between performers.

This First Friday Open Mic is sponsored by Kern Poetry – a local organization led by Portia Choi, Christopher Nielsen and myself.  We often ask local poets to be our Open Mic featured performers, and share 15-20 minutes of their work before Open Mic commences.

Our mission is to showcase local poets, inform the community of poetry events, and share information on poets and their poetry. You may read all about us on our website,  This resource has upcoming poetry events, interviews with past Open Mic performers and listings of over 20 local poets.

Whether you are longing to share your poems, artwork & songs with someone other than your cat, or looking for a new and unique way to spend an  early evening before heading out to dinner, why don’t you drop by Dagny’s and check out First Friday Open Mic?

You might come away inspired, refreshed and invigorated. 

What’s there to lose?  Your audience awaits.