For me, writing poems is cathartic. It allows me to create a work of art out of something that may have been painful or hard to understand at the time. Poetry gives meaning to the inscrutable.


 I go about my day wrapped in respectability, drowning in duty, displaying my pleasant smile, gracefully answering minutiae, never ruffling the waters, never stirring the stew. But after dinner in the twilight I play the piano -- Tear off the mask, rip open the sores,...

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Your Eyes

You can tell a lot about a person by their eyes.   I have seen bulging eyes, Bloodshot from allergies, Darting from side to side, Always looking for adulation, Never noticing the downward glances From those who are hurt or neglected by the all-consuming...

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Go to Him

This poem was inspired by the sensual and haunting song, “Wait for Her,” by Roger Waters, the bassist and creative force behind the legendary rock group. Pink Floyd.  He, in turn, was inspired by the poem of the same name by Mahmoud Darwish, the passionate Palestinian...

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A Kaleidoscope of Love

At dawn, our love was bright with promise. Rays of yellow sunshine Danced with delight through our days. Verdant green vistas stretched out before us. Orange and white wildflowers sprang up As our love blossomed.   In the evenings, our passion pulsed Deep crimson...

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This poem was inspired by a performance of the Croatian cellist, Stjepan Hauser, in a breathtaking ancient Roman Amphitheater.  You may watch it on the YouTube at “HAUSER & friends: Gala Concert at Arena Pula 2018.”  Watch it and become entranced! HAUSER  ...

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Pebbles from Moonstone Beach

I love to search the shore, Select smooth stones that shimmer Under the liquid shine of the sea. Turquoise, coral, amber and onyx. Each one unique, Shaped by the wind and waves, Nestled next to seaweed In swaths of texture and color That rival a pointillist painting....

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