You can tell a lot about a person

by their eyes.


I have seen bulging eyes,

Bloodshot from allergies,

Darting from side to side,

Always looking for adulation,

Never noticing the downward glances

From those who are hurt

or neglected

by the all-consuming self-absorption

of their sick orbs.


But yours are clear and steady,

Thoughtfully reflecting,

Opening wide with delight,

Crinkling when you smile,

Observing the beauty

Hidden in everyday surroundings —

A sunset,

A flower,

A face.

The ordinary

made significant

by your penetrating gaze.


I long to dive down deep

Into your shimmering blue pools,

Discover hidden treasures,

Listen to the silver songs of your soul,


Your heart of gold.


Then the clouds will part,

Rays of compassion fill the void,

Rain fall,

Peace come to a parched land.


Far and few are those

who possess such goodness

in their eyes.

I am so fortunate

to have found yours.

Thank you for this blessing,

Your eyes.