First Shot of Espresso

Do you frequent Starbucks?  Or hangout at Bakersfield’s icon – Dagny’s Coffee Shop?  Or study in the cafe at Barnes & Nobles? 

For almost a decade, I have spent many afternoons in these establishments, enjoying an iced coffee and people-watching.

As I sip and surreptitiously look around, I am rewarded with a glimpse of America – for folks from all walks of life, all cultures and climes, congregate around the cafe tables to relax and replenish their spirits.

These patrons found their way into my latest collection of poems, titled, First Shot of Espresso: Coffee Cafe Customers – Americana Blend.  In it are my observations – sometimes wry, sometimes wise – about this cross section of characters. 

My manuscript is on its way to publishing houses on a wing and a prayer.  I hope to offer this chapbook to you soon!