This poem was inspired by the sensual and haunting song, “Wait for Her,” by Roger Waters, the bassist and creative force behind the legendary rock group. Pink Floyd.  He, in turn, was inspired by the poem of the same name by Mahmoud Darwish, the passionate Palestinian poet known for his lyrical, plaintive, and elegant style. 


With a window overlooking valleys

Hung with curtains in a castle,

Deep in the private chamber,

Go to him.


With the passion of a lioness

Striding towards her mate,

Like a newly awakened princess,

Go to him.


With velvet blankets laid on the bed,

The scent of jasmine fills his head,

Be faithful, and go to him.


And do not twist the laurels

That are wrapped around his breast,

Burnish them instead,

Go to him


And if he braves the world,

Go to him.

And if he fights waves of grief,

Go to him.


Let him rest in a rainy afternoon

In a nest of love in full bloom,

Let him take in a deep breath

That will strengthen his resolve,

Let his doubts grow dim,

Go to him.


Take him to the mountain,

See the moon clouded in mist,

Hear the nightingale cry in bliss,

Go to him.


Don’t let your fears of past hurts

Paralyze your heart,

Lest they overcome the sun,

Go to him.


And if he shelters you with kindness,

Go to him.

And if he sings your praises,

Go to him.


Serve him honey mixed with wine,

Do not poison him with vinegar.

Let your fingertips stroke his mind,

Speak liltingly as a flute would

To a melancholy horn.

Sing praise, sing strength.


And as the tremors lessen

From that final throes of passion,

Remember your thanksgiving


Go to him.