Herding Cats!  That’s what subbing for Kindergarten is like. And today there was one boy who refused to do a single worksheet.  He just sat there and stuck all his crayons between his fingers. When I asked him to start working, he calmly ripped his worksheet in half. So I called the dean, who has the awesome name of “Mr. Boss,” and he came and took this student out for a little chat.  Then he brought him back to class, and the boy apologized to me.  “Great!” I thought, “Now things should progress smoothly.”  But less than two minutes later, the girl sitting next to this boy said “Teacher–he spit in my face!”    I called the dean again.  This time, a woman came in and told this boy to come with her.  He refused, climbed under his desk, and started crawling around the room, trying to keep from being caught.  After two minutes of watching this behavior, the woman very calmly told the class, “Please line up.  You may go out to the playground and have a special recess.”  And she sent us out…but kept the boy inside and called his mother.  While I was supervising the kids on the playground, I saw a rather overwhelmed and frazzled-looking mother, carrying a toddler on her hip, enter the classroom.  She was in there with three “deans” and her son for quite a while.  Finally, Mr. Boss came out and told me, “You can call your class back in.  That boy is going home.”  He smiled and said “That’s kindergarten for you!”

So here is a limerick composed especially for the ocassion

There was a bad student named Brayson
Who refused to do his work and just played some
Miss Fry called the principal
Who paddled him unmerciful
Now Brayson works hard on a sore bum.

I was thankful that no one paddled the real Brayson.  I just wonder why he was so ornery today…!   He was having difficulty writing his alphabet the very first thing this morning.  Perhaps he is behind the other students and just shut down?  He did tell me that he is a new student….came from another school.  What do you, dear readers,  think might be the reason for his behavior?  Did the deans do the right thing by sending him home?