Coffee Cafe Customers: The Jock

His athletic build bursts from the confines
of his fragile cafe chair
Like the bulging, cloth-bound collection
Of models in twisting poses
Drawn by Leonardo
Swift pen marks capture
The essence of movement

His legs protrude
From satin shorts
Forearms ripple
As he lifts his pen like a set of weights

His expensive headset
Infuses his brain with inspiring strains
Of Hip Hop and Rap
He flips through the pages
Of his final take-home exam

Backpack propped up by the window
He bops to the beat
And scribbles his answers
Then he sits back and stretches

I wonder what thoughts flit
Through his young, muscular mind
Compared to my old musings
His ideas must gallop across the page
And engage in fierce battles
With bloody victors
Charging up the hill
And raising their flag

May he always think decisively
And brandish the sword of youth
Before middle age
Makes his thoughts uncertain
And his steps falter